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New World Artifacts


Think outside the little (and often coveted) gift box this holiday season. New World Artifacts, located on Ivanhoe Avenue in La Jolla, is a Pre-Columbian art gallery. Proprietor Jack Hart has been dealing in Pre-Columbian art since 1998 and is committed to the highest standards of quality, authenticity, and ethical business practices. Sales are offered at the gallery or through its Web site, as well as at various ethnographic shows. “We carry prehistoric art and artifacts primarily from the Americas — art that was produced before European contact [some even dating back to several thousand years BC] in stone, ceramic, and metals,” explains Hart. “We have artifacts representative of most early cultures in North, Central, and South America. And we carry important objects of merit for the most discerning collectors as well as for the interior design profession.” New World Artifacts also showcases contemporary art in basketry work by the Wounaan Indians of Colombia (fair trade practices) and beautiful applique works in plate and vase forms — also from Colombian artisans — as well as some original and reproduction Pre-Columbian jewelry. (858/551-8801, www.newworldartifacts.com)     JANE SHIOMI


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