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Indulging in Analog Sound


Indulging in Analog Sound

There’s little doubt that vinyl records are surging in sales. How is this possible when digital recording, especially high-resolution audio, is superior? Perhaps it’s the smooth sound from analog recording and playback versus the harshness apparent in some digital CDs and downloads.

I tested one of the best contemporary turntables, ClearAudio’s Concept Wood with a moving coil cartridge, with my collection of classic LP recordings. I connected it to a Fosgate Signature tube headphone amplifier through Acoustic Zen Studio One cables to Oppo PM-1 headphones. The result was sonic splendor! A Sheffield Lab recording of Harry James Orchestra was every bit as good as a live performance with a presence that I’ve missed in most digital recording. ClearAudio’s Concept turntable is an elegant piece of German engineering that doesn’t take a technician to assemble and tune. And the wood is both beautiful and functional, absorbing tiny, unwanted vibrations.

Although headphones don’t require amplification, the superior sound is well worth the investment. World-class audio engineer Jim Fosgate has created a blend of vacuum tube smoothness with digitally quick amplification. Give this setup a listen and see if you’re not as smitten as I was. (619.223.8151, www.stereounlimitedsd.com, www.oppodigital.com  BRIAN DOUGLAS

ClearAudio Concept Wood MC turntable
ClearAudio Concept Wood MC turntable



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