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Freedom From All That Bugs You


Are your home and outdoor environments free from pests and ready for the summer activities ahead? Consider Corky’s Pest Control, whose founder Corky Mizer means business when it comes to bugs. Over the last 40 years, Mizer has made it his passion to service and study the uniqueness of our SoCal climate and terrain, while authoring more than ten industry study guides. With a full-time plant pathologist on staff, the company also maintains a close working relationship with the UC Riverside Entomology Department to continue to stay up to date on treatments and new incoming pests. In addition, Mizer believes that “if a company does not treat the landscape plants on your property, they are only doing half the job,” and therefore offers landscape spraying as part of the company’s regular service to protect plants that are prone to playing host to insects. Add to that green solutions and customized programs for freedom from ants, spiders, gophers, rats, bedbugs, mosquitoes, you name it. Corky’s even offers a four-year guarantee on all termite-related work. (800/901-1102, www.corkyspestcontrol.com)


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