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Capturing The Richness Of The Human Being


Kelly Mellos of Kelly Mellos Fine Art specializes in exclusive fine art portraiture, a highly specialized art form that has been around since the Renaissance and remains popular today. It stands on the foundation of solid atelier painting and drawing training, and is devoted to honoring the unique life of each subject through creating a permanent symbol of his or her legacy. Mellos works with each client to discover a unique way of telling each story, and creates a one-of-a-kind painting or drawing, handcrafted with archival materials, which can be passed down within a family for generations.  

“Truth and beauty will prevail in art and can only be achieved when technical mastery, creativity, and an innate sensitivity all come together in a piece of work,” says Mellos. “I aim to respect the unique life of each human being I paint and to show them the beauty that resides within them. It is truly an honor and a privilege to do this type of work.” (619/917-9369, www.kellymellos.com)


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