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ASID Winner: Kitchen


Kitchen: Robert Wright, FASID and Jason York, ASID
In an innovative and inspired moment of clarity, Robert Wright and Jsaon York of Bast/Wright Interiors made the decision to completely relocate their client’s kitchen to create a space that was more functional and central to the home. By switching locations with a bedroom at the back of the house, the new kitchen opens up to the family room, garden, and entertainment spaces, while also remaining in convenient proximity to the dining room and formal areas. Natural, earthy textures and tones in the limestone backsplash seamlessly merge with the hand-cast brass tile above the range, creating a color scheme that is both simple and classic. Their resourceful and inventive design brings new life and purpose to this kitchen, making it an inspiring focal point in the home. (619/299-5591, www.bast-wright.com)


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