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2012 Kitchen Of The Year


Bill and Sally Anderson, who love to entertain and are enthusiastic members of their local wine club, wanted their kitchen to be a central gathering point in their home — a sophisticated, yet unpretentious space for welcoming fellow oenophiles. The challenge was that the room had a very unusual configuration. The original kitchen featured an awkward use of space and a small, outdated central island. The room was dark, and visually out of tune with the rest of the home.


Enter Jackson Design and Remodeling’s senior interior designer Sol Quintana Wagoner and architectural designer John Kavan, who transformed the kitchen to offer a more welcoming layout and a smarter, strategic use of space. A dramatically oversized island and bar area now creates exciting visual interest and welcomes guests with ample area for seating and gathering. A wine refrigerator built into the island is conveniently and subtly positioned. The new kitchen design now unites the room with the rest of the home in an open layout, and changes the kitchen’s point of view to take advantage of natural beautiful views.


Cherry cabinets provide plenty of storage with a simple, classic aesthetic. The oversized Zephyr hood is an intriguing sculptural element, framed by ambient lighting against a backdrop of glass tile. Tile added to the sides and corners of the hood keep the large hood in balance with its surrounding space. An area for coffee and beverages blends seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry, allowing for convenient access and a clutter-free appearance. A new, low horizontal window provides privacy from neighbors while also generously increasing light infusion.

The island bar seating area, created from an extra thick mother of pearl granite, is punctuated by a medley of hand-blown, custom-made glass pendants. Keeping most of the cabinetry to one side, subtly placing appliances, and treating the cooking area as an artistic sculptural element establishes a sense of the room as not just a kitchen, but as a place in which to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine and beautiful views. This brilliantly re-imagined new space is now an appealing central gathering place where the Andersons welcome guests and fellow wine enthusiasts in comfort and style.


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