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Global Fashion

The stylists of My Pipl curate pop-up shops at Nordstrom featuring designs by artisans from around the world

My Pipl founders Catherine Bachelier, Linda Waisbord, and Diva Lomas
Image Credits Photo by Jackie Gallardo / My Pipl

Catherine Bachelier and Linda Waisbord have made fashion their life. The pair, both former stylists at Nordstrom, are the co-founders of The C&L Experience, a lifestyle company that encompasses fashion and personal styling services, conscious travel, and even events and weddings. And now, from those travels has emerged yet another venture, one that melds the two: My Pipl, a pop-up shop concept within Nordstrom featuring curated selections from artisans big and small discovered through the duo’s travels, which they co-founded with a third partner, fashion and beauty blogger Diva Lomas. Though the present focus is on Latin designers, the ultimate goal is to introduce global artisans to savvy fashionistas seeking truly unique pieces.

Bachelier attributes their start to the many requests for pieces followers saw posted on their social accounts over the course of their trips abroad. “Can you imagine if everyone wanted us to bring something back? Even if it was my sister, it was like, ‘Well, it’s kind of hard to travel back with all of these pieces!’” she says. “So, we had this idea to bring all of these fantastic designers from all over the world to our beloved Nordstrom because that’s where Linda and I met. That’s where these two worlds collide.” The name My Pipl, Waisbord explains, is a playful spelling of “My People.” “When we travel, Catherine and I are all about showing people that we really are just one people,” she says. “We are you, and me, and everybody around the world — we’re all the same. We feel the same, we cry the same, we laugh the same, and that’s what our travel has always been about.”

My Pipl founders Catherine Bachelier, Linda Waisbord, and Diva Lomas
My Pipl founders Catherine Bachelier, Linda Waisbord, and Diva Lomas

The pop-up, which premiered at Nordstrom Fashion Valley last December, is slated to return to that location bimonthly as the concept also expands to include multiple Nordstrom stores nationwide from Hawaii to New York City. Each pop-up’s three to four rotating featured designers are hand-selected by the founders in collaboration with Nordstrom to tailor offerings to the market, season, and prevailing fashion trends, with items like jewelry, handbags, and leather goods. The next shop will appear at Nordstrom Fashion Valley from March 31 to April 4, where this “store within a store” can be found on the second floor. It will then make its debut at Nordstrom Westfield UTC May 5 through 8. Both pop-ups will be activated from 10am to 6pm within their host stores. mypipl.shop


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