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Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Neiman Marcus has unveiled its Spring Trends for 2016. Style Advisor Alex Yanez showed off the latest looks at Fashion Valley, including NM’s love affair with lace. This ultra-feminine fabric can be layered or mixed with the masculine — for example, tailored shorts or trousers. Wide leg pants are all over the runways, worn with flats if you are tall, or with a wedge if you’re petite.


Bare shoulders are another big trend, whether off the shoulder, one shoulder, or the “cold shoulder” — cutouts that are flattering if you’re a bit broader on top. Makeup is matte, especially when it comes to lips. Denim can be worn, literally, from head to toe when you finish the outfit with denim heels. And remember the blazer? It’s back, but redefined, whether worn as a matched suit or a separate.


Red, the most confident color of all, is everywhere. Yanez topped a red floral dress with a short red leather jacket for a more rugged look, and added a fringed suede vest to a red Gucci gown. Stevie Nicks would love it! neimanmarcus.com   Andrea Naversen

Signs of Spring


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