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San Diego Style Setters


This spring, the combination of black and white is proving its longevity, while cool pastels and blushing pinks also enter the mix. On point, San Diego’s leading designers share eye-catching creations from their spring 2014 collections.


Marisa Baratelli

“Silk is woven metamorphosis. Its effects are pure light. When you wear Thai silk, the result is magnetism.” ~ Marisa Baratelli (858.481.0465, www.marisabaratelli.com)



Malgorzata Couture
Malgorzata Couture

“This dress was inspired by the fabulous Giorgio Armani silk print and its magnificent color palette. I felt that the Mediterranean blues, purples, and limes accented with the deep black along with the beautiful shapes of this particular print had to be preserved with as little manipulation as possible. I did not cut the fabric, instead I sculpted it around a model’s body with only one seam — quite a technical challenge, but the result is worth it. The lines of the print and the flow of color are uninterrupted as the gown gently wraps around a woman’s body, accentuating her beautiful curves.” ~ Malgorzata Wieteszka-Slocomb, Malgorzata Couture (858.228.6398, malgorzata@m-couture.com)



Goga by Gordana
Goga by Gordana

“The inspiration was a trip to Singapore. The street where we were staying was packed with wedding design studios, and all the windows were showcasing beautiful gowns. This is my take on romance and wedding.” ~ Gordana Gehlhausen, Goga by Gordana (310.452.1695, www.shopgoga.com)



Zandra Rhodes
Zandra Rhodes

“I wanted to shock everyone with a few simple colors put together beautifully, rather than my normal multi-colored pieces! The sketchbook dresses were just the icing on the cake — turning my hobby of drawing into walking landscapes that played with fabulously colored wigs and exotic socks inspired by my latest trip to Japan.” ~ Zandra Rhodes (858.792.1892, www.zandrarhodes.com)


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