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Heartfelt Style


Heartfelt Style

Stylist and former runway model Betty Jo Billick has a passion for fashion that extends far beyond her closet — and into her cardiologist’s office. Billick, who suffered a heart attack in her 40s, aims to raise awareness about heart disease (the number one killer of women) during February’s American Heart Month — and help sister heart patients feel beautiful in their own skin. She is offering weekly, complimentary styling sessions at Fashion Valley’s Max Mara, Tucci Boutique on Cedros, and TRE and Maggie B in Del Mar wants to help those with heart problems to deal with its effects — “the zipper,” the scar left by open-heart surgery; fear of exercise; weight gain; loss of confidence. “When people look good, they feel good,” she says, “and when they feel good, they flourish.” She also wants women to be aware of the warning signs of heart attacks, often different from men, which might include fatigue, shortness of breath, back or jaw pain, nausea, and in Billick’s case, profuse sweating. Grateful for her own recovery, Billick feels privileged to help others. “It’s my gift from my heart to other heart patients.” 619.889.6688, www.houseofjooj.com

Heartfelt Style
Betty Jo Billick


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