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Gift of Style


For a stylish gift that keeps on giving, how about a personal styling session to make your loved one not only look great but feel more confident?

“What you wear shows the world who you are without having to say a word,” says Erica Hoida, who with Gina Bell forms the styling duo FashionedChic. “Portraying the right image is critical to getting what you want out of life, whether it is that amazing career opportunity, a romantic relationship, or most importantly, feeling your best every day.”

The stylists, whose blog has been featured on the Rachel Zoe Collection Facebook page, offer a wide range of styling services. The duo will “detox” your closet, for example, keeping only pieces that reflect your new and improved look and donating or consigning those that don’t. They’ll also hunt down needed items, handpick a special outfit for that all-important event, or update your wardrobe for the upcoming season. A stylebook of complete outfits takes the guesswork out of dressing well. “Understanding your client’s personal style,” says Hoida, “is key to making them feel amazing.” (760.580.7204, www.fashionedchic.com)


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