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Crystals offer a new way to infuse your favorite cocktail

Infusing wellness into cocktails becomes alluringly easy to do with a brand-new cocktail mixing set from luxury spirituality brand Glacce.


Elevated Spirits

Posted on January 9, 2020

January can be a difficult month for a drinks columnist. The holidays have finished and the party is, both literally and figuratively, over. Wellness is on many people’s minds; they’re flocking back to the gym, going on juice cleanses, swearing off anything but salad, and booking acupuncture appointments. Less popular during this time of year, however, is drinking. I’ve never been one to go cold turkey off of anything, though, so for the like-minded reading along who may want to balance all that wellness with a little vice indulgence, too, I propose a happy medium: infusing wellness into cocktail ware, maybe skipping the bar altogether, and mixing drinks at home.

Green Tea Paloma

That becomes alluringly easy to do with a brand-new cocktail mixing set from luxury spirituality brand Glacce, which is based up the road in Los Angeles. Glacce became famous for their luxe water bottles, which are spiked with large, single crystals of various types. The crystals are purported to have various life-enhancing properties and the bottles are a favorite of country singer Kacey Musgraves as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand, Goop. Also, crystals are gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want a few of those sitting around?

So, I was thrilled to learn that Glacce teamed up with upscale mezcal brand Mezcal Creyente to produce a special cocktail mixing kit ($499) for the spiritually minded — the first collaboration of its kind for both brands. Mezcal is my liquor of choice and, after all, the kit will look stunning sitting on my bar cart.

The set features two hand-blown crystal-infused rocks glasses, one glass mixing pitcher, and one crystal stir rod. Each piece is infused with clear quartz, which is said to bring clarity, positivity, and cleansing energy. It’s considered to be the stone of total wisdom and healing.

I knew I had something special on my hands when I opened the box and my roommate, one of San Diego’s most celebrated mixologists, got wide-eyed and said, “That’s a really nice mixing set!” and immediately got to making drinks for us.

As for the mezcal, this tipple made from the Espadín agave definitely passes muster. “Creyente” translates from Spanish to English as “to believe,” a concept that appealed to Glacce, thus sparking the collaboration. Discovery and intention are two qualities said to be embedded in the energy of crystals but are also qualities inherent in the ceremonial beauty of ancient, pre-Columbian Mexican traditions, like drinking mezcal. The brand’s name is meant to embody the Mexican folklore and mysticism that is part of the tapestry of Oaxaca, which is considered the birthplace of the agave spirit.

I can’t confirm just yet that my Glacce kit has enhanced my life from a wellness or spiritual perspective. But cocktail mixing is a ritual — one that requires precision, concentration, efficiency, and a good dose of creativity. It makes sense that such a laborious practice should be supported by an equally thoughtful mixing kit. In addition to making me appreciate the process, it has also forced me to carve out some carefully-planned “me time,” so perhaps its magic is indeed already working. The Glacce x Mezcal Creyente Ritual Mixing Kit is sold exclusively on glacce.com/store.

I asked the folks at Mezcal Creyente to share a wellness-minded cocktail that could be enjoyed in the crystal-infused glasses. Below is the specially-created-for-Ranch & Coast Green Tea Paloma.   Jackie Bryant



Green Tea Paloma

2 oz. Mezcal Creyente
.5 oz. agave Syrup
1 oz. grapefruit Juice
2 oz. green Tea

Shake Mezcal Creyente, agave, green tea and grapefruit juice over ice. Pour into collins glass over ice.


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