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Eco Style



Posted on January 18, 2019

Sustainable. Mindful. Ethical. That’s the vision behind Ineffably, a new concept boutique in Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade that offers a curated collection of women’s fashion and accessories, organic bath and body items, and gifts. “Everything I curate has a story and a bigger purpose,” says Audrey Latsko, a world traveler and designer who now makes SoCal her home. Cases in point are Himba bracelets, hand-carved from broken PVC pipe and then dyed, by women from a nomadic tribe in the African nation of Namibia. In fact, all of Latsko’s clothing lines are owned and designed by women who support fair trade and ethical wages. Sustainability is also important. One of the boutique’s most popular items is the Hyggelight soy candle, which comes in a variety of scents in a reusable ceramic pot. When the wax is gone, plant the label embedded with seeds — and watch wildflowers grow. “It’s an experience,” says Latsko of shopping at Ineffaby. “You have to feel and touch everything.”  858.209.3777, shopineffably.com   Andrea Naversen


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