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Del Rayo Village

Fairbanks Ranch is buzzy. We know, it’s an unlikely moniker for this tranquil neighborhood, but given the recent openings at Del Rayo Village, we’re talking serious shop

Posted on September 17, 2019

The studios keep opening accidentally,” says Ania London, owner of Pilates of San Diego, having debuted her fourth location in Fairbanks Ranch after Del Mar, Little Italy, and the

East Village. Whether it’s training Padres or preventing osteoporosis, London has carved out more than enviable muscles alone. Her reputation is built on preventative care, enlisting a wellness network to help clients live as vibrantly as possible. “Keeping your body pain-free is a necessity at a certain age, and it’s priceless,” she says. “I have a 93-year-old client who has been doing Pilates for 30 years and she takes classes with 20-year-olds.” In addition to reformer classes and private sessions, London has established a coterie of nutritionists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. “It’s a whole wellness spectrum geared toward mature clients.”

Edit Consignment & Boutique

A few paces away, for his fourth restaurant, Cocina del Rancho, Gaetano Cicciotti took the advice of his longtime customers by opening an establishment in Del Rayo Village. But since Italian was taken (Dolce, Leucadia Pizza), the tireless restaurateur opted for Mexican with a family-friendly vibe. His wife, who hails from Sonora, gave the seal of approval for the culinary team doling out mole, chile rellenos, Mexican paella, and lighter options like fajitas. Raising the bar and the local happy hour scene, the tequila list is long, boasting 110 varieties. And rivaling the skinny margarita? “The wine list is really good, which is unusual for a Mexican restaurant,” says Cicciotti, who operates a catering business in addition to his eponymous restaurants in Cardiff and Carlsbad.

Next door, the high-end resale scene is thriving at Edit Consignment & Boutique, which took over a second storefront geared toward premium accessories including fine watches and jewelry. This month marks two years since owner Angel O’Brien, perhaps best known as the former lead singer of the Mar Dels, debuted the store, which brims with ready-to-wear and gowns alongside shoes and sunglasses. Consider it a modern-day trading post for Chanel, Hermès, and Gucci, as accessories from luxury fashion houses hold value like never before. Decorated with fashion-themed art, the new boutique features top-tier bags, wallets, and belts for both men and women. “It’s got a really great feeling in here with a relaxing atmosphere, and for my clients, it’s closer than the Gucci store,” says O’Brien.    Gillian Flynn

Edit: Photo by Vincent Knakal


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