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Get organized with Butler Book by Lord Wallington

Immanuel Ontiveros, owner of Butler by Lord Wallington

Butler by Lord Wallington, a San Diego-based private estate management service provider, is introducing Butler Book by Lord Wallington, a 50-page comprehensive home organization workbook to help you organize your home like a professional butler, keeping track of what goes into the general upkeep, safety, maintenance, and management of home and family, auxiliary staff, and third-party contractors. Butler Book pulls all that information together in one place and simplifies how we manage our daily life. The book also provides industry secrets to manage and organize your home from appliances to vehicles, reminders and to-dos to warranty information, furry kids’ appointments, and so much more. Pocket dividers to store receipts, important bills, and other important home documents are included as well. ask@cgo-enterprises.com, lordwallington.com


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