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Big Lovie creates warm hugs in the form of cozy blankets

Big Lovie's collection of rich, luxurious blankets includes chunky, heavy knit blankets made from one single continuous thick thread.

Image Credits Photography by Julian Martin

Whether or not you had a lovie as a little kid, there’s no denying the snuggly comfort of a good cozy blanket, no matter your age. As a mom, Rosie DeSimone loved seeing her kids cuddle up with their favorite “blankies,” but also saw that as they outgrew them, their desire to curl up with a warm blanket didn’t go away, which gave her an idea. “I remember thinking they should make big lovies [like] kids get,” she says. “There’s just something fun and special about a blanket.”

The Santaluz resident and CEO/co-founder of luxury blanket purveyor Big Lovie says the idea for her business “rolled around in her head” before her husband encouraged her to take the leap and, together with longtime friend Sheba Fideler, they launched the Big Lovie website in May 2019. Their collection of rich, luxurious blankets includes chunky, heavy knit blankets made from one single continuous thick thread, as well as plush and micro-chenille styles. All are lush, soft, and deliciously cozy. The blankets include tags featuring heartfelt messages of love and positivity, and the knit blankets of the Infinite Love collection can be customized with “LoveSnaps,” snap-on tags featuring notes of affirmation and positivity.

Big Lovie

DeSimone, who is also a cancer survivor, says, “As we grow older, I think we become more aware and appreciative of how important personal relationships are, and I just really want to celebrate that. A blanket inherently has a special way to bring comfort, but when we infuse a mission and meaning, it takes it to a new level.” Co-founder Fideler echoes the importance of this part of their company ethos, adding, “I never would have envisioned being part of a blanket company, but when you start with the love and the positive messaging, it was irresistible.”

Despite the company being in its infancy, it is important to DeSimone to incorporate giving back. Big Lovie launched “Share the Love” last month — a one-for-one program where for each blanket purchased, the company will donate another blanket to a child in need. DeSimone gets emotional when discussing this aspect. A recent donation of blankets was provided to My Stuff Bags, a nonprofit based in Westlake Village that supplies kids leaving abusive homes with a bag of essentials. “What we’re doing is giving them hope, as if to say ‘someone’s going to help you, you’re important, we care about you,’” she says as she holds back tears. “The feeling of a blanket around you — there is a comfort there.” Locally, she’s developing additional partnerships including one with Miracle Babies, which provides support for families of newborns in neonatal intensive care units. The blankets donated will be provided to the families, not the infants themselves, offering a bit of comfort while parents spend countless hours alongside their babies in the hospital.

Currently only available on their own website and on Amazon, DeSimone already has high hopes for Big Lovie’s expansion, noting scarves and hats are high on her list of things to add. Which just might prove to be the only way to motivate anyone to leave the warmth of their Big Lovie at home. biglovie.com   


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