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More Than Skin Deep

More Than Skin Deep

More Than Skin Deep

Posted on Jan. 16, 2017

The new year signals an about-face, an opportunity to take a good, honest look in the mirror and commit to taking the steps toward a healthier, more radiant self. As a plastic surgeon who studies aging for a living and has been in practice for more than 22 years, Dr. Paul Chasan of Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery is dedicated to sharing his knowledge about preventing the aging process — especially when it comes to the skin. Here, he highlights the various procedures and tips to consider over the next few months to prepare for spring and the bathing suit season ahead.

More Than Skin Deep
Dr. Paul Chasan

“The best way to make the skin look its best is to prevent the aging process altogether,” says Dr. Chasan. “The single most important thing to improve the overall skin tone, other than avoidance of excessive sun exposure, is cardiovascular exercise. There is something physiologic about the dilation of the capillaries in the skin and the increased blood flow from an elevated heart rate that stimulates and nourishes the skin.”

The winter months are optimal for getting ready for spring and summer. “Many of our noninvasive light-based treatments and lasers work by treating the pigmented lower layers of the skin and avoiding the superficial layers of the skin,” explains Dr. Chasan. “If someone is in the sun and tans, it obscures the ability of the light based treatments (IPL) and lasers to work in the deeper layers. The most powerful skin care treatments are retinoids or Retin-A, which cause photosensitivity and redness,” he says, pointing out the difficulty of using these products in the summer months.

Because its effects are usually revealed over time, it’s best to consider Coolsculpt now. “Coolsculpt involves freezing specific areas of fat on the body. The major advantage is that there is no down time,” says Dr. Chasan.  “We are the only plastic surgery practice in North County that has Dualsculpt, which means we have two Coolsculpt machines so the treatment can be performed in half the time. After the treatment, the fat gradually melts away, and the result becomes visible at approximately two months.”

Non-invasive treatments and expert beauty tips certainly have their place in the prevention of aging and routine maintenance, but Dr. Chasan also points out that for more advanced aging and structural issues, facelifts, brow lifts, and upper eyelid surgery can be discussed. “We can address the full spectrum of facial aging,” he says. Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery’s serene and luxurious environment in coastal Del Mar offers amenities one would typically expect at a day spa: custom interior design, elevated ceilings, private parking, and even overnight stays when needed. 858.638.9077, ranchandcoastplasticsurgery.com   Mia S. Park


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