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Holiday Beauty Tips

Holiday Beauty Tips

Holiday Beauty Tips

The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, but for beauty professionals, they’re also the busiest. Popular treatments range from no-downtime freshen-ups before festivities to more involved procedures scheduled around time off from work. We asked four top locals about the most in-demand options. Just book soon if you hope to secure a spot.


Paul E. Chasan, MD, FACS, Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery 

“People want quick fixes around the holidays,” says Paul Chasan, MD, FACS, who runs an esteemed plastic surgery center in Del Mar. “They want to look really good for all the parties and photos.”

His go-to for an instant refresh? “Botox,” he says. “It really works. It softens wrinkles. There’s nothing else you can inject in five minutes that can take five years off. Anybody north of 40 can benefit from it.”

Along with Botox, Chasan also recommends fillers such Radiesse for the cheekbones or Juvederm for a slight lip augmentation.

For those interested in more substantial procedures, such as a mommy makeover or facelift — which can involve up to 10 days of recovery time — Chasan says clients should plan to book at least a month in advance. (858.450.1555)


Melanie Palm, MD, MBA, Art of Skin MD

Award-winning dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD, MBA says her patients have seen excellent results with ResurFX, a laser treatment that combines intense pulsed light (IPL) with a non-ablative infrared laser.

“The IPL goes after the brown and red in the skin, such as sunspots, broken blood vessels, and rosacea,” explains Palm. “And the infrared laser helps smooth fine lines and improves tone.” While a series of three or four treatments is recommended, Palm says patients will see results after just one. “And you can wear makeup right after,” she points out.

Palm is also excited about a new non-invasive body-contouring device called Vanquish. It uses radiofrequencies to melt away fat cells. “It helps with tummies and muffin tops,” says Palm, one of only two U.S. physicians to study the promising device. “In the study, the average patient lost about two inches on the waistline.” Patients will see the best results about three months after the final in a series of treatments. (858.792.7546)


Amnon Zakay, Raz International 

When women need help with thinning hair, they turn to Raz International. The boutique-like salon specializes in hair restoration for women suffering from hair loss or baldness. “We enhance the hair by adding more human hair that perfectly matches their own,” says owner Amnon Zakay, who offers his clients privacy and highly personalized treatments.

Zakay sources top-quality European hair for the hair additions, which are expertly custom-colored for each client. His staff uses a technique called threading, which means the hair is sewn in rather than attached with glue or chemicals.

“It looks very natural,” says Zakay. “Nobody knows it’s there and women can do all their daily activities — washing, swimming, blow-drying, styling. It becomes part of her.”

A custom order requires approximately two months to produce, so be sure to plan in advance. The hair additions, which take about two hours to apply, need routine maintenance appointments just like natural hair. (858.404.0044)


Amir M. Karam, MD,

Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery  Amir Karan, MD offers the full gamut of facial rejuvenation treatments at his Carmel Valley offices, from standards like lasers, chemical peels and fillers, to a totally bespoke option.

“We’re world-renowned for our use of fat transfer as a way of adding volume,” says Karam. “As you age, you lose fullness in the face. We’re taking fat from different parts of the body and using it as a filler. The downtime is minimal.”

Karam says that the holidays are a popular time for more invasive treatments, as well. “It’s the perfect use of the break from work or school,” he explains. He urges patients to consider customized combinations that address all their needs in one surgical appointment. “Recovery is exactly the same for all the procedures, so it makes sense to do them all at once.” (858.259.3223)     ANNAMARIA STEPHENS

Holiday Beauty Tips


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