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Healthy Smiles


Under the direction of Kiyan Mehdizadeh, DMD, Floss, A La Jolla Dental Studio, offers state-of-the-art dentistry across multiple disciplines including advanced implant surgery, bone grafting and sinus lifts, intravenous and intranasal sedation, periodontal micro-surgery, full mouth reconstruction, and bite balancing. Dr. Kiyan and his team believe in looking at the whole function and health of the mouth in order to create a state of health that is beautiful and maintainable for a lifetime.

“We see only one patient at a time,” says Dr. Kiyan. “You can leave your purse in our reception because there’s no one else in the office. There’s total privacy. At the same time, the office is wide and open, and full of natural light, so while you feel comfortable, you don’t feel closed in.” Keeping clients’ peace of mind a priority, the Floss team will play your choice of music, have a blanket for you, and offer espressos and cold drinks.

As far as treatment goes, Dr. Kiyan explains, “It’s a discussion, and I lead the discussion by telling you how you can address problems that you see yourself. There is not a chipped tooth, a cavity, veneer, or implant that gets done in this office before you can see it, understand it, and decide. It’s a collaborative environment. Every patient that has walked through our doors has been blown away by the experience thus far.” (858.597.9844, www.flossinlajolla.com)


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