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Schubach Aviation Supplements Fleet


Giving San Diego Private Fliers More Options

Posted on September 23, 2014

Flying private charter with Schubach Aviation has never been more effortless, with two new light jets having joined the company’s fleet of executive aircraft. The local private aviation company has just acquired two Embraer Phenom 100s and a Citation CJ3 — both newer models and favorites among discerning business and leisure travelers.

The Smart Phenom 100

A very light jet (VLJ) developed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, the Embraer Phenom 100 delivers on all fronts, with its clean, simple lines creating a feeling of lightness, serenity and space. The jet’s unique design is the result of a partnership with BMW DesignworksUSA, which sets high standards for quality and taste.

With a larger, more comfortable cabin and the largest baggage compartment in its class, the Phenom 100 ensures that you and your belongings get to wherever you need to go in unsurpassed comfort and style, seating up to four passengers with ease. While being one of the fastest jets in its category, it has lower operating costs, similar to that of a turboprop, burning less fuel and keeping the price more economical than other jets in its class.

The Ultra-Comfortable Citation CJ3

One of the most popular light jets, the Citation CJ3 provides superior reliability without sacrificing efficiency and comfort. The aircraft is engineered for excellent performance, impressive range and speed, and well-appointed comfort. Like the Phenom 100, this ultra-light jet is so intuitive, it’s fueled the passion for flight in both pilots and passengers.

The CJ3 has an impressive range similar to that of a mid-size jet. Carrying up to eight passengers, it cruises at 416 ktas and has short runway capability, meaning you can fly in and out of the more remote airports, getting you closer to wherever you want to go.

First-class amenities of the spacious CJ3 cabin include adjustable club seating that can be arranged around two executive foldout tables conducive to having business meetings or otherwise making the most of travelers’ time — coming and going. Other features include a private lavatory, slim-line refreshment center, LED lighting, and in-cabin technology so passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment during their flight.

Why Fly Private Charter?

Flying privately with Schubach Aviation provides an entirely different experience from commercial airline travel. The company caters to people who want maximum control of their time, schedules and surroundings. Above all, they want a quality experience while traveling that’s dramatically different from flying commercial.

Schubach Aviation’s clients get what they want when they need it. That could mean getting to a critical business meeting on a moment’s notice, making a five-city scouting trip in a day, or making the most of a much-needed vacation with the family. As San Diego’s prominent on-demand air charter company, Schubach Aviation values relationships with clients and caters to their wishes whenever possible.

Flying private charter gives you absolute freedom. It’s stress free — little schedule bounds, parking hassles, or long security lines. No uncomfortable sharing of small spaces with complete strangers here. Instead, you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, exhilarated and primed for whatever you have planned.

Cost Considerations

The cost to charter a light jet is on the lower end of the scale, although in general, flying private comes at a premium. What passengers have to gain from it, however, is priceless. More than anything, flying private gives you precious time — time to prepare for an important meeting, time to have uninterrupted discussion, or time alone with your partner or family members. Not a moment is wasted.

Giving You Options

Schubach Aviation operates a fleet of 13 aircraft. All are maintained by the company’s own, experienced maintenance crewmembers to exceed the highest level of safety standards in the industry. In addition to the newly acquired Phenom 100 and CJ3, the company’s fleet includes a Gulfstream IV, Challenger 601, Challenger 300, Citation Sovereign, Hawker 800XP, Hawker 600, CJ1, Citation II and a King Air 100.

While some of Schubach Aviation’s customers are leisure travelers, most are business people across a wide spectrum of industries. They fly via private charter when the cost of wasted time is too high, and when their personal down time is too limited. The company works with them to devise a personalized private aviation experience that meets their unique time, destination and budget requirements. Whether an important business meeting, company retreat, family vacation, or special getaway, Schubach Aviation offers on-demand service and pricing for flights to destinations all over the world.

Flying with Schubach Aviation is for people who expect more from their flying experience — more flexibility, more reliability, more value and more personalized service. The company upholds true customer service, affords people quality of life and allows them to fly anywhere, any time — making flying a breeze.

Schubach Aviation is headquartered at 2026 Palomar Airport Road in Carlsbad. For more information or to book you next flight, call or visit the Web site. (760.929.0307, www.schubachaviation.com)



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