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Introducing the Ranch & Coast Book Club


Introducing the Ranch & Coast Book Club!

We’re avid readers here at Ranch & Coast, and we know there are a lot more readers out there with us! What we love almost as much as a good book (and sharing it) is hearing what our friends are reading so we can add a vetted title to our queue. Because, of course, there’s nothing better than being engrossed in a really good book — being entertained, educated, moved, motivated, and sometimes even frightened! So, we’re excited to share what we’ve enjoyed and hope you’ll send your own favorites and suggestions, old a new, our way too!


Ranch & Coast Book ClubThe Woman in the WindowA. J. Finn
A spectacular psychological thriller from debut novelist Finn,The Woman in the Window has twists and turns that may be predictable for seasoned readers, but it moves at such a clip that makes it impossible to put down regardless. Living alone and afraid to go outside, Anna Fox peers through the windows of her home, and into the lives of her neighbors, to connect herself to the world outside. When she sees (or thinks she sees?) something shocking from her vantage point behind glass, the protective walls she lives behind becomes threatened.


Ranch & Coast Book Club


Sourdough, Robin Sloan
Quirky and entertaining, this book is a great diversion into contemporary fiction with a little offbeat fantasy, a little dystopia, and a lot of imagination. A San Francisco techie finds fulfillment in the hands-on work of breadmaking, and her unique sourdough bread leads her to uncover an entirely new subculture rethinking food sources, production, and how we eat.



Ranch & Coast Book Club
As Bright as Heaven
, Susan Meissner
A heavier one on our list, As Bright as Heaven delves into a darker period in American’s brief history: The 1918 Spanish flu epidemic and World War I. A haunting fictional account of the terror that gripped the country as the disease tore through entire cities, the story follows one family’s journey through the flu, the war, and beyond, and how the choices made through their toughest times shapes their lives far into the future.



Ranch & Coast Book ClubThe Girls in the Picture, Melanie Benjamin
Benjamin fans will recognize her gift for creating perfectly believable dialog in her imaginings of conversations among real historical figures, as well as her deft ability to bring those figures to life in her pages. The Girls in the Picture explores the relationship between screenwriter Frances Marion and screen legend Mary Pickford. Their successes, sacrifices, risks, and challenges, so many of which were made in tandem, made them trailblazers for women in the motion picture business from its very infancy, and many of the issues they dealt with nearly 100 years ago remain very resonant with the #timesup movement today.

Ranch & Coast Book ClubThe Keeper of Lost Things, Ruth Hogan
Yes, we know, this one’s been on the bestseller list for a while. But with the sheer volume of amazing works that were published last year, we’re still catching up, almost halfway through 2018! For anyone in the same boat, this one shouldn’t be skipped. Witty, charming and sweet, even when it takes an odd paranormal turn, this was one that really tugged at our hearts, and even coaxed a few tears at its conclusion. Fans of British humor will delight in the brilliant prose by this debut novelist about a man who’s lost something precious and ultimately becomes a collector of others’ seemingly insignificant lost items, documenting them and penning imaginative stories to accompany them. When he entrusts the collection to his longtime assistant, this new responsibility helps her to steer her own life onto a new course.

Read anything fabulous lately? What’s next on your list? Who’s your favorite author? We want to hear! Email us at bookclub@ranchandcoast.com

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  • Marie


    Love this idea and these books seem like they are right up my alley. Susan Meissner is a favorite of mine. I plan to read all of these.

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