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Mission: Choice

Charter Flight Group

Mission: Choice

Tech-based jet charter offers range of private travel solutions

Posted on May 20, 2019

Jordan Brown, CEO of San Diego-based Charter Flight Group, has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with airplanes. In fact, he began his career in his teens, detailing aircraft at Louisville’s historic Bowman Field, a job that led to his first startup company he named Airplane Aesthetics. During this early exposure to aircraft owners and operators, Brown recognized the need to leverage technology to better connect charter aircraft with business and affluent leisure travelers.

Charter Flight Group
Jordan Brown

Connecting Planes with Requirements

Commercial airline travel is limited to choices of regional, full-size, and jumbo aircraft along with a limited number of airports to serve. Chartering private aircraft opens up the world’s thousands of other destinations along with just the right airplane to fit a customer’s budget and travel logistics.

On Charter Flight Group’s website, the list and description of available aircraft ranging from single turboprop up to A380 airliner is impressive. I counted 138 listings in seven categories and the company boasts access to more than 6,000 aircraft, a database that would certainly meet anyone’s flying requirements. John Kaplanis, CFG’s Vice President of Client Experience, says that more than a few light aircraft pilot-owners are customers, chartering a plane for added capability or when their airplane is in service.

What makes Charter Flight Group unique is the ability to enter requirements into its database and instantly retrieve a list of available aircraft and crew that best suit the inquiry. The CFG team can also arrange portal to portal transportation, from the limo service at your home or office to a helicopter soaring over snarled traffic.

The Comfort of Safety

CFG assures its passengers safe, comfortable travel by certifying its network of charter operators through WYVERN and ARG/US audits for every flight. That insures well-maintained aircraft and a top professional crew from cockpit to cabin. And, since every flight is audited, it’s a minimum expectation for Charter Flight Group travelers. charterflightgroup.com   Brian Douglas

Charter Flight Group

Jordan Brown: Photo by Steve Compos


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