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Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Making your list and checking  it twice? I’m not a great shopper, but if your friends and family are nomads — like me — I do have some thoughts on presents they might like.



Chargers. Nothing makes travelers nuttier than running out of battery while taking photos, texting, or performing other smartphone functions. Since I sometimes shoot travel photos on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha, my tōgōPower is always with me on the road. It weighs one ounce, doesn’t require a cord, comes with a keychain clip, and can be recharged in any USB port. When you order, be sure to specify which connector you want: iPhone Lightning or MicroUSB.  (www.fusechicken.com/products/togopower)

Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Heavier (7 ounces) and more powerful, myCharge Hub Plus charges faster and can charge two smart devices at the same time as long as one is Android and the other is Apple. This makes it ideal for mixed marriages like mine: my Samsung snuggles up right next to my husband’s iPhone 6. The myCharge Hub Plus comes with built-in wall prongs for easy recharging. (shop.mycharge.com/products/hubplus-1)

Holiday Gifts for Travelers
myCharge Hub Plus

Not as critical, but very handy, the new Primera Trio All-in-One UltraLight is the smallest all-in-one printer, scanner, copier on the market. The downside is that it weighs 2.6 pounds. The Trio comes with a set of power plug adapters and an optional battery pack for times when you don’t have access to a power outlet. (www.primeratrio.com/products/primera-trio.html)

Holiday Gifts for Travelers
Primera Trio

Speaking of adaptor plugs — a set of these would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who travels internationally. Just remember — an adaptor plug is not a currency convertor. Our voltage in the U.S. is 110, but most of the world uses 220, so travel with dual voltage appliances — or buy things in 220 when you reach your destination. (www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/world-electricity-guide.html)


Luggage. You’ve probably heard the expression: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” Well, for me, that quote applies not only to my love life, but also to my search for the perfect suitcase. I’ve had flings with a couple of Samsonites and a Delsy, but in the end, Lipault won my heart. He’s French, weighs eight pounds less than Del, and has soft squishy sides. He also collapses — yes, folds into almost nothing — for space-saving storage. (www.lipault-us.com)


Thanks for the memories. Passport Maps are a customized way to organize a traveler’s photos and anecdotes into a large, colorful, customized map. Give a Passport Map gift certificate or surprise someone on your list with a completed map. (www.passportmaps.com)   Elizabeth Hansen

Holiday Gifts for Travelers
Passport Maps Bossert, Ireland


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