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Grace and Elegance

Grace and Elegance

Grace and Elegance

Beauty and generosity ruled the night in Rancho Santa Fe on September 13, as decorated Olympian Guenter Seidel and James and Charlotte Washburn’s horse Zero Gravity gave a one-of-a-kind dressage exhibition for the benefit of Feeding America San Diego. Guenter, a native of Germany, moved to the U.S. in 1985, and has represented his adopted country in the highest level of international competition for 20 years. Guenter executed a Grand Prix Musical Freestyle, wherein the rider uses musical arrangements made from portions of several pieces of music to complement the intricate movements of the horse. But this unique presentation was ridden to one piece of music that was composed specifically for Zero Gravity by pianist and composer Marie Medosi and Josh Powell. In regular competition, the music is played from a CD and broadcast over speakers. But in this performance, the music was performed by live musicians that included both Medosi and Powell. A demonstration of true artistry, equally delicate and bold, it captivated the audience, and left them with a sense of awe long after the last notes died away.   Roblee Valentine



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