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Grand Classic At The Inn


On Saturday, April 21, at 10am, The San Diego/Palm Springs Region of the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) will present cars from the Classic Era (1925 through 1948) from across the Western United States. These beauties will be on display on the front lawn of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe for judging by certified CCCA judges and for the viewing pleasure of the general public.


The Classic Car Club of America was founded 60 years ago in New York City to include legendary automobiles built between 1925 and 1948. Over the years, regions have sprung up all across the country. The CCCA San Diego/Palm Springs region (sponsors of the Grand Classic at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe) is a very active group whose members enjoy showing and driving their Classic Cars.


These beautiful automobiles are, as a rule, completely restored to their original glory, a process that often takes many years. The automobiles are then judged as to their perfection at an official meet called a Grand Classic.


Also identified with the Classic Car Club is the CARavan, a road trip that usually lasts a couple of weeks in which members and their families travel to unusual and beautiful places in the U.S. and in Europe and Canada. In fact, just last summer, several San Diego/Palm Springs members shipped their classics to Nova Scotia for a drive around Newfoundland.


The club recognizes not only the monetary value of the cars, but also the historical value of these cars.


At the Grand Classic at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, expect close to 50 cars for judging and display. A variety of automobiles will include Pierce Arrows (two former Pebble Beach winners in their class), Packards (including two Pebble Beach winners,) a Darrin, Cadillacs, Bentleys, Auburns, Lincolns, and more. Cars will be judged according to when they were built and the automobile’s coach (body) work. Some cars will be displayed and will not be judged. Admission is free. (www.classiccarclub.org)


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