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2024 Scientist of the Year Celebration

Terry Sejnowski, PhD
The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center

Each year, the ARCS Foundation, San Diego Chapter, a nonprofit organization led entirely by women, hosts a Scientist of the Year fundraiser to honor a preeminent local scientist.

This year’s honoree, Terry Sejnowski, PhD, is one of the world’s most renowned computer scientists and computational neuroscientists, whose visionary and ingenious work on neural networks laid the foundation for the machine learning and AI revolution that is taking the world by storm today. Dr. Sejnowski is head of Salk Institute’s Computational Neurobiology Laboratory and holder of the Frances Crick Chair. He is also a distinguished professor at UC San Diego’s School of Biological Sciences, where he is co-director of the Institute for Neural Computation. ARCS San Diego presents a celebration of science and scientists that will pay tribute to this year’s ARCS Scholars — all 50 of them — along with distinguished ARCS Scholar alumnus, Randall Kelley, PhD, who has served as Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at several major corporations. Funds raised at the event will support future ARCS scholars.