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Valentine’s Day Dining

Valentine’s Day Dining

Valentine’s Day Dining

How to Make the Evening Flow Smoothly

where a few hours of time dedicated to a special loved one, is just around the corner. Aside from the traditional flowers, cards, chocolate, and Champagne, it is a time when a special meal might be shared, typically and with high anticipation, at a fine restaurant. And hopefully, everything goes well there.
But there are many pitfalls that can occur when dining out on Valentine’s Day, and it is worthwhile to consider some alternatives and suggestions to help make your evening flow smoothly.

1. Select Your Restaurant Carefully

Many restaurants will offer a fixed price menu exclusively, which generally comes at a higher tariff than their typical offerings. If the added costs are fine for the budget customer, make sure the menu offered fits your food preferences, including dietary restrictions and allergies.

2. Make Your Reservation Call Early

Valentine’s Day is one of the three busiest days of the year for fine dining establishments. The more popular, established restaurants are often sold out weeks in advance. These restaurants turn down enough people to fill their restaurants two to three times over again!

3. Beware Of Restaurants That Want To “Turn” Your Table

Though they don’t always tell diners when taking reservations, restaurants expect patrons to enjoy their meal within an estimated timeframe, to turn over the table to seat other guests later that evening. Should you want or need to stay longer, the situation could get sticky.

4. Be Cognizant Of Service Issues

Restaurants are often overwhelmed with the masses, and when the courses are altered as well, things have a chance to go less than stellar in the dining room. It is best if you understand this, and have a higher tolerance level for any inadequacies or hiccups that may occur.

5. Consider Going Out On The 12th or 13th Instead Of The 14th

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year. Some restaurants will create a Valentine’s Day weekend, serving special menus or additions to the menu to reflect dining on Valentine’s Day. Making a reservation on one of these alternative nights may offer a better chance to avoid the masses and crowded venues, making the experience more intimate and less worrisome.


For more information on alternative Valentine’s Day dining, visit winesellar.com.

Valentine’s Day Dining


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