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Take a Stroll at Stone Farms


Stone Brewery’s newest addition to North County comes in the form of an organic farm located in Escondido. With beer on tap in a quaint farm shed filled with produce for sale, patrons can grab a cold one and walk the grounds of Stone Farms, getting a firsthand account of where Stone’s produce is grown for its restaurants. Much like its brewery, the grounds are also set up for entertaining with areas for musicians, a large brick pizza oven, outdoor seating under the trees, and foot paths around the fields and greenhouses. The farm is also home to a host of chickens and quail that provide their share of eggs — although the free-roaming peacocks steal the avian show.


“The farm is a wonderful complement to everything Stone creates and values, since both farming and brewing are crafts that require love and dedication,” says Stone Farms manager David Solomon. “The staff and I are extremely excited to finally share our hard work and the farm’s growth during the last two years. This project will help people understand why small, organic farms are important to have in our community.”


The farm is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6pm each day and guided tours are available at 1pm and 2pm. (760.294.7866, www.stonebrewing.com/farm)     RYAN THOMAS


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