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Lovers of lobster rejoice! Pacific Coast Grill’s Surf & Turf has a new twist. The Herb- Mustard Filet & Butter Broiled Lobster Tail with truffle chive croquette & cipollini demi features eight ounces of lobster and a six-ounce filet to satiate even the biggest of appetites. Or, try the new Lobster-Bacon Carbonara, complete with angel hair pasta, heirloom tomato compote, and a grilled lobster tail. (760.479.0721, www.pacificcoastgrill.com)

Just north in coastal Encinitas, Kim and Joel Locker and brother Chad Taggart have debuted Lobster West. After moving here from the East Coast, a search of the area left them empty-handed when it came to anything close to authentic Maine lobster rolls, so the family took matters into their own hands. Lobster is sourced directly from the icy cold waters of Maine and shipped overnight, ensuring freshness in every bite. Rolls are served up Maine-style, with chilled seafood piled high atop a lightly buttered, toasted New England-style roll. (The lobster tail salad is also one of our personal favorites.) (760.634.1684, www.lobsterwest.com)


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