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Passion at a Premium


Gracey Lane Farm

Pleasing all the senses at a working farm in Fallbrook

Posted on January 2, 2019

“I try to get as granular as possible with every detail,” says Jen Phillips as she cuts a pile of limes grown on her Fallbrook property, which she calls Gracey Lane Farm. The farm also doubles as her family home, which she shares with her husband and two sons, who help take care of the animals and plants that also live on site.

Phillips, a former marketing professional with big name client campaigns under her belt, decamped to Fallbrook from Los Angeles years ago. Since then, she has been selling her well-loved Gracey Lane Farm tangerine jelly to local crowds. In 2018 she decided she wanted a little bit more out of her farm, so she harnessed her love of the finer things in life and launched full-scale events at the property, where local chefs, vintners, distillers, artists, and musicians come together for an immersive sensory evening.

Gracey Lane Farm

With two events in the books, Phillips is about to put on her third on February 9 under the theme “Pure Passion.” Noted chef Jason McLeod will create a four-course meal that will include elements from Gracey Lane Farm, local farms and fishermen, as well as selected foods with a theme of passion — think aphrodisiacs like caviar, for example. Each entrée will be paired with guests’ choice of wine or Carlsbad’s own M Kombucha.

While on the subject of drinks, I ask Phillips if she has a signature cocktail in the works and, if so, might she be able to share it ahead of time with Ranch & Coast readers. She is all too happy to oblige.

“Pure Passion starts out with a signature cocktail that will set the tone for what our guests will experience that night,” Phillips explains. “They will sip a hand-crafted cocktail that we created with M Kombucha from passion fruit that we grew on our farm’s vines along with fresh squeezed lime grown on our trees. While sipping their cocktails, guests have the opportunity to meet and greet the artists whose work we have selected specifically for the Pure Passion art exhibit.”

“At the time of this event our passion fruit will be at the height of its season, so it will be a key element,” she continues. “I’ve found I’ve become truly passionate about creating these one-time-only signature events. So much time, energy, creation, thought, love, and hard work go into each and every one and then it’s over. But what is left is an immense amount of gratitude for the guests who came, the chef who created an incredible culinary experience, and the artists who bared their work and left it in our hands for interpretation.” graceylanefarm.com/shop   Jackie Bryant

Pure Passion Signature Cocktail

  • 1 shot (1 oz.) of vodka (Phillips suggests the brand Trust Me)
  • 1.5 tsp fresh squeezed lime
  • ¼ cup Deep Passion M Kombucha
  • Splash of Cava

Stir, don’t shake, add five ice cubes, and pour into a coupe or glass slowly

Photography by Jackie Bryant


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