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Fuel Up

Fuel Up

Fuel Up

Posted on Jan. 24, 2017

Joining the growing gentrification of Oceanside, 101 Proof speakeasy is the latest creation from restaurant group 3 Local Brothers (the brains behind Urge Gastropub and The Barrel Room). Located next to Urge on Pacific Coast Highway, the spot works to ensure an authentic, personalized experience without being overly self-important. The beautifully appointed single room can only host a modest 40 guests max. True to form, entry to the speakeasy requires a password (posted weekly on its Instagram page) and patrons must adhere to house rules. The Prohibition-era cocktail menu is thoughtful and generous on the pours. “When I say we agonize over every drink on the menu, I’m not kidding,” says Manager Ryan Castillo. The handpicked house whiskeys are a must-try. One of the bar’s owners named a barrel of whiskey after his infant son, Ryan, and has reserved a bottle to enjoy with him in 21 years, but if you know the password, you can have a nip somewhat sooner. 101proofoceanside.com   Deanna Murphy


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