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Posted Sept. 6, 2016



In the wake of Pacific Beach’s Table 926 comes another alphanumeric eatery, this one focused on wholesome, Milanese authenticity. Italian restaurateur Giacomo Pizzigoni spent the past two years scouring his homeland, absorbing culinary techniques and recipes, and discovering and securing vintages from biodynamic wineries. Those fruitful finds contribute to a rather unique Italiano experience. The “15” references the diameter of the pies at this casual sit-down. Whole wheat versions are available, but so much care is put into the GMO-free, organic, zero-flour house-standard that it’d be a shame not to go that route. The crust is unbelievably thin with a crispy rim and a soft center that melts into the mozzarella and a simple yet robust tomato sauce. Add cold cuts and cured meats (also available as cheese and charcuterie platters) with a glass of Chianti or Sangiovese, and you have something special. Bonus — most Neapolitan pizza dough calls for 250 grams of flour, but the Ambrogio crew uses stretching methods to get the same area out of 180 grams. Burrata, salami, and veggies find their way into two breeds of focaccia — a thin, stuffed variety and a tall, soft loaf. Still have room? Devote that space to a brownie-esque semisweet chocolate cake, a recipe Pizzigoni learned from his pastry chef sister in Milan. Magnifico! 858.291.8650   Brandon Hernández


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