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Step Into Discovery at Salk


To celebrate more than five decades of life-changing discoveries, Salk Institute presents the inaugural Step into Discovery event on Saturday, April 13, featuring Walk for Salk and Explore Salk.


Walk for Salk pays tribute to the fact that every new scientific breakthrough is based on the one that came before it. The basic research that Salk’s experts conduct is that first sure step in the pursuit to understanding complex diseases and ultimately to discovering new cures. The community is invited to take the first step and join Salk for the inaugural 5K Walk for Salk. Entry fee of $35 includes breakfast, T-shirt, water bottle, and bag; children under 12 are free. Proceeds will go directly to support those in the labs who are researching cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, healthy aging, diabetes, obesity, and plant biology; as well as Salk’s education outreach program for students throughout San Diego.


Following the walk, Salk’s first-ever community open house will feature a health and wellness festival with vendor booths, speakers, and family activities. This free event offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience at the world-renowned institute, both on campus and in its science labs. Laboratory tours (pre-registration required) will allow guests to speak directly with Salk’s scientists and see where the research takes place. Discovery booths and scientific talks throughout the day will highlight a wide variety of groundbreaking research that impacts daily living and health. And a self-guided architectural tour will allow attendees to explore Salk’s iconic campus with the help of a printed guide. Also on hand — the Salk Education Outreach Program will provide a family area offering activities for children and adults. Register online. (858.597.0657, www.salk.edu/stepintodiscovery)     MIA STEFANKO


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