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Family & Youth Roundtable


The Family & Youth Roundtable, a local nonprofit organization, will host its second annual conference titled “Stigma = Discrimination and Disparities” February 23-25 at the Embassy Suites San Diego Bay. Donna Ewing Marto, Family & Youth Roundtable CEO, notes that the event will provide a number of resources and innovative approaches in assisting those who have have partaken in negative behaviors such as drug and alcohol use and have been stigmatized for it. The event will feature discussions from several experts including: Patrick Corrigan, PysD, who will tackle the topic, “Aid Health by Understanding Stigma and Advancing Empowerment;” Mark Katz, PhD, who will speak about ways to prevent bullying; and Gary Blau, PhD, who will cover the topic, “Setting the Direction — Building Partnerships to Overcoming Issues of Stigma, Discrimination and Disparities.” The cost to register is $350. (619/546-5852, www.fyrt.org)


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