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Developing Dads


Attention new dads — if you feel like you want some extra help learning to care for your new little one, consider participating in the two-part Basic Training For New Dads course at Scripps Mende-UTC. Led by psychologist Danny Shingley, MD, who specializes in men’s issues, the first meeting is just for the dads and will include topics like baby’s developmental milestones, managing work, stress, and family demands, dealing with relationship changes, and techniques for soothing and stimulating their infants. Dads will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their biggest concerns. The second meeting brings dad and baby together for hands-on learning experience with interactive play techniques, infant massage, changing diapers, swaddling, and establishing routines. Dads will bond with their babies and give mom a break for a few hours. Sign up this summer for August 18 and 22. (858/344-4698, www.newdadsclass.com)   RINA VAN ORDEN


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