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Super Girl Surf Pro

Super Girl Surf Pro

Super Girl Surf Pro

July 26-27, 2019 | Oceanside Pier

The biggest names in women’s surfing will be on hand for the free event featuring Bethany Hamilton’s return to competition and Carissa Moore, the Super Girl reigning champ who just won J-Bay, seizing the World #1 spot and a lead in securing a place on the Olympic team. All four J-Bay finalists will be competing at Super Girl Pro: Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Lakey Peterson, and Malia Manuel. It’s the largest female surfing competition in ASP history — a proud honor for San Diego County — and is the only U.S. event for the biggest names to earn critical points in the 2020 season. In fact, seven of the world’s top ten female surfers will be competing in Super Girl Surf Pro.

Super Girl Surf Pro
Caroline Marks

In addition, this weekend’s family-friendly event also includes 21 free concerts by Radio Disney, headlined by Grammy nominated, Platinum artist Natasha Bedingfield, plus the Super Girl Gamer Pro returns for its third year as the only multi-title all-female esports tournament in the U.S. All four of the major distribution platforms: Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming will stream the event live to help support the platform of empowering women. supergirlpro.com/welcome-to-super-girl-jam

Super Girl Surf Pro
Malia Manuel

Header Image: Carissa Moore



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