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“Shangri-La” 70th Jewel Ball

“Shangri-La” 70th Jewel Ball

“Shangri-La” 70th Jewel Ball

Aug. 6

Las Patronas’ 70th Annual Jewel Ball invites guests to dance among dragons and red lanterns swaying over a forest of bamboo. Held at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, “Shangri-La” will feature luscious cherry blossoms, Asian architectural beauty, and design elements that will leave guests breathless. “Since 1946, Las Patronas has funded nearly $19 million to over 1,000 nonprofit organizations covering every corner of San Diego County,” says Las Patronas President Lisa Betyar. This year’s Jewel Ball chair is Kathryn Gayner; design chairs are Jen Edstrom and Nicole Velazquez. laspatronas.org

“Shangri-La” 70th Jewel Ball
Kathryn Gayner and Lisa Betyar



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