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San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering

Mar. 5-13

The eighth annual San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is gearing up for another inspiring year of creativity and scientific discovery. Expo Day will take place on Saturday, March 5, at Petco Park, with the festival following from March 6-13 at various locations throughout the county. “Our festival is a catalyst to transfer knowledge and collaboration to show students and their parents how science translates into careers and further fuels our economy in San Diego County,” says Sara DW Pagano, managing director. “A program of the BIOCOM Institute, the festival aims to encourage and engage kids in STEM, and to inspire them to become tomorrow’s innovators. But the event is not just for kids anymore.“The 21+ series has been widely requested by many of our adult followers who share a continued passion and love for science,” adds Pagano. “This new series, which is co-hosted by the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, offers us a larger depth of impact in the community, in addition to the opportunity to expand our work with some wonderful new partners.” 858.455.0300, ext. 104. lovestemsd.org



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