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Puttin’ on the RITZ

Zoo RITZ 2018

Puttin’ on the RITZ

June 16, 2018 | San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo’s annual gala began in 1984, and each year since has experienced greater enthusiasm and increasingly beautiful art direction. Zoo RITZ 2018 is themed “Wild at Heart” and is chaired by Kathryn and Don Vaughn, helped by a large supporting committee. The cocktail reception is loved almost as much as the dinner and dancing for its food stations galore and the introduction of animal friends by conservation ambassador Joan Embery. Funds raised support the new and completely re-imagined Children’s Zoo, which will be a safe place of discovery where children may truly engage with nature. 619.287.5435, sandiegozoo.org/ritz  Darlene G. Davies

Zoo RITZ 2018
Don and Kathryn Vaughn


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