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Natural Family Fair


Natural Baby Pros, Hullabaloo, and Reproductive Wellness present the fifth annual Natural Family Fair on Sunday, September 14, from 9am-4pm, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, offering a fun-filled day of learning and entertainment.

The Natural Baby Fair will answer questions about pregnancy, birth, and health, while showcasing a variety of vendors, demonstrations, and products to fit all lifestyle choices. Speakers are Peggy O’Mara, former editor of Mothering Magazine, who will discuss “How It Really Is: The Truth About the Early Years of Parenting;” and Karen Brody, founder of Bold Tranquility, a fatigue management system, who will discuss “Be Good to Yourself: Embrace the Healing Powers of Rest to Tame the Overwhelm.”

At the semi-private Fertility Expo, couples will have a chance to speak privately, at no charge, with physicians and experts. Speakers include Christa Orecchio, a clinical and holistic nutritionist, who will discuss “Creating a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s and Early 40s;” Brooke Friedman, MD, reproductive endocrinologist at Reproductive Partners, who will discuss “Frozen Embryo Transfers: Making IVF Safer and More Natural;” and Aimee Raupp, author, acupuncturist, herbalist, and women’s health and fertility expert, who will highlight “Three Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Fertility.”

At the Family Music Festival, enjoy music by Hullabaloo, Randy Kaplan, The Hollow Trees, Kathryn Cloward, and Melissa Green. Several family-friendly vendors and activities will allow kids to channel their inner-monkey and inner-artist. (760.689.2229, www.naturalfamilyfair.com)


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