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Music at the Maritime

Music at the Maritime

Music at the Maritime

Jan. 22, May 28, Sept. 17, Nov. 5, 2017

Haydn Voyages: Music at the Maritime offers splendid opportunities to enjoy concerts by the Hausmann Quartet aboard Berkeley, an 1898 steam ferryboat that was a familiar sight on the San Francisco Bay for 60 years. This National Historic Landmark is now docked next to the Star of India downtown. Concerts aboard Berkeley immerse audiences in the evolution of the string quartet via Haydn’s quartet cycle. The Hausmann Quartet, named after Robert Hausmann, a 19th century German cellist, is comprised of violinists Isaac Allen and Bram Goldstein, violist Angel Choong, and cellist Alex Greenbaum. The January 22 program, Ancient Inspirations, traces early music influences of Haydn and Faure, specifically Haydn’s Opus 20/3 and Faure’s final composition before his death in 1924. Commentary will enrich the musical experience. 619.432.2314, hausmannquartet.com/haydn-voyages   Darlene G. Davies

Music at the Maritime
Hausmann Quartet aboard Berkeley



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