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Let’s Rock

Let’s Rock

Let’s Rock

Posted on August 15, 2017

At the San Diego Zoo, Dog & Cat Canyon, constructed in the 1930s, is out and Africa Rocks is in. Visitors to the new exhibit can walk behind a very handsome 65-foot waterfall and stroll by six different habitats, becoming immersed in the settings rather than staring at species from a frame-like outside perspective typical of earlier times. All areas of the six-part Africa tour showcase indigenous flora and fauna. The first to recently open is Cape Fynbos, with its African penguins and leopard shark. Penguins enjoy a 170-foot-long pool with a wave making machine, suggesting South Africa surf. The Zoo will also roll out the Madagascar Forest with predator fossas, Ethiopian Highlands with baboons, the West African Forest with dwarf crocodiles that climb trees, Acacia Woodland with leopards and vervet monkeys, and the Kopje Woodlands with meerkats and eagles. This visionary and ambitious undertaking spreads across eight acres. sandiegozoo.org Darlene G. Davies


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