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Let’s Dance

Let's Dance

Let’s Dance

Nov. 3-13, 2016

Following Malashock Dance’s successful in-studio performances last season, Malashock Signatures II offers an intimate and thrilling program of dance. It highlights John Malashock’s signature choreographic style/voice and gives audiences an opportunity to share the studio space with the dancers. The first act of Signatures II features a Malashock Dance trademark favorite, Shadow of Mercy, which brings to life the works of legendary songwriter, Leonard Cohen. Shadow of Mercy includes some of Cohen’s most famous songs, including “The Story of Isaac,” “Famous Blue Raincoat,” and “If It Be Your Will.” Eight exquisite professional Malashock company members bring these universal characters to life. Act II features the world premiere of Malashock’s yKnot, a twisting and winding journey across a musical and emotional landscape. Malashock’s choreography depicts the predominance of technology in modern life and looks at how we are simultaneously closer than ever, yet further separated from each other. yKnot reveals ways that individuals attempt to maintain true humanness in a virtual world. 619.260.1622, malashockdance.org

Let's Dance
Malashock Signatures II


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