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Grow Gorgeous Roses With Tips From The Pros


On Saturday, May 5, at 9am, learn new techniques from the experts at Armstrong Garden Centers on how to grow award-winning roses. “It takes a few simple steps to ensure your roses will bloom all summer long,” says Tom Leisse, California certified nursery professional and designated roses specialist for Armstrong Garden Centers. “Growing roses requires no advanced gardening skills or experience. There are three easy steps, which include choosing the right rose for your space, planting your roses where they will get at least six hours of sun each day, and watering regularly.”


The experts at Armstrong Garden Centers offer recommendations on the best type of roses and techniques to ensure your new blooms will be the envy of your neighbors. Rose varieties vary greatly in size of bloom, color, scent, and amount of maintenance required. “Whether you are new to gardening or an avid pro, we offer advanced tips that make the process of growing robust and colorful roses easy and enjoyable,” says Leisse.


A few more tips for rose growers from Armstrong Garden Centers:

• Plant in well-composted soil in a large hole to give the plant room to grow

• Add 1-2 inches of compost every 4-6 months

• Fertilize once a month

• Prune your roses not only in winter, but also whenever they get leggy


    To learn how to grow gorgeous, awarding-winning roses, attend “Rose Care for Beginners” on Saturday, May 5, at 9am at participating Armstrong Garden Centers. For ongoing tips, Armstrong Garden Centers offers free classes to help you take the guesswork out of gardening. (www.armstronggarden.com/pages/gardening-classes)


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