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San Diego Repertory Theatre has never been afraid to tackle any subject. With its production of Honky, opening November 8 and running all month, it retains its fearless attitude, but expresses it through a comedy that spares no one or anything. Right away, the title offends and language can be adult only. But, The New York Times said of this play: “Honky keeps you laughing from start to finish.”

The script was inspired by the experiences of a TV commercials writer. The plot involves trendy “Sky Max” basketball shoes, racism and a pill to cure it, and politically incorrect characterizations of historical figures, all the while acknowledging the difficulty of human beings making it through each day while navigating racial rhetoric. The show seeks to bring people of all different backgrounds together and encourage them to laugh at themselves.

This play had a very successful Off-Broadway run which was extended due to its popularity. Locally, San Diego Rep’s co-founder Sam Woodhouse directs and continues to “push the envelope,” pressing audiences to talk about troubling subjects. Here he does it through comedy, the great healer. (619.544.1000, www.sdrep.org)    DARLENE G. DAVIES



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