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Globe Gala

Globe Gala

Globe Gala

September 21, 2019 | The Old Globe’s Copley Plaza

The 2019 Globe Gala, Where Black Tie Meets Tie Dye, will support the theatre’s arts engagement and artistic programs. Recalling an era when Nixon was president and Led Zeppelin was king, guests will look to the rose-tinted past with a theme that echoes that of the soon-to-open Globe world premiere of the new musical Almost Famous by San Diego native and Oscar winner Cameron Crowe. After the performance, dinner and dancing to the music of Play! will rock the plaza until midnight. Proceeds support theatre that connects, enthralls, teaches, and empowers us. Gala co-chairs are Globe Board members Ellise Coit and Karen Tanz. The 2019 gala committee includes Michele Arthur, Terry Atkinson, Peter Cooper, Valerie Cooper, Elaine Bennett Darwin, Nadia Gastelum, David Ohanian, Joanie Polatchek, Jean Shekhter, Rhona Thompson, Pam Wagner, Muffy Walker, and Lynne Wheeler. 619.684.4146, eprisby@theoldglobe.org, theoldglobe.org

Globe Gala
2019 Globe Gala co-chairs Karen Tanz and Ellise Coit

Photo by Doug Gates


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