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Explore Salk

Explore Salk

Explore Salk

Apr. 16

The Salk Institute will open its doors to the public for the fourth annual Explore Salk, the institute’s once-a-year community open house. The event will feature a talk by Salk’s new president, Nobel laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, titled “Don’t Cell Yourself Short.” Salk researcher Dr. Satchidananda Panda will also host “Healthy Life Around the Clock: One Click at a Time,” exploring the genes, molecules, and cells that keep the body on the same circadian clock. The day’s family-friendly activities include a Kids’ Discovery Zone, Q&A session for preteens interested in pursuing a career in science, and a small-group, hands-on lab tour. The open house also includes screenings of Robert Redford’s short film, Cathedrals of Culture, which features the architecture of the Salk Institute and centers around the soul of buildings. Admission to Explore Salk is free; online preregistration is required for the lab tours. 858.597.0657, salk.edu/exploresalk

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