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It wasn’t funny at the time. Enron collapsed in 2001, leading to what was then the largest bankruptcy reorganization in U.S. history. It failed and, with it, brought down the influential Arthur Anderson audit and accountancy firm. Many executives went to jail, and myriad shareholders lost their investments. Unethical behavior of its leaders allowed misrepresentation of company earnings and, when the powerful corporation went down, fallout spread across the country, leading to increased protective legislation by pressured congressional members.


Now, Moxie Theatre presents the West Coast premiere of the tragic and brutally comedic play Enron. Yes, comedic in the most cutting way, since some jaw-dropping perspective regarding greed and fraud is in order. According to their rules, perception won over reality every time — until it didn’t any more. So engrossed were audiences that Enron the play was performed to sold-out theatres in London in 2009 and on Broadway in 2010. Like a clear beacon light, Moxie showcases smart plays that carry messages and flash attitude. Enron will run through December 7. (858.598.7620, www.moxietheatre.com)


Enron: Photo by Daren Scott


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