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Courageous Aging: Reimagining Your Best Possible Future

Courageous Aging

Courageous Aging: Reimagining Your Best Possible Future

February 17, 2018 | Del Mar

Taking place from 9:30am-4pm, this special workshop combines the sage wisdom of Ken Druck, author of Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined, and mindfulness teachings of John Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart. 

  • Take inventory of age-related fears that weigh heavily on your heart and hold you back
  • Reimagine your best possible future and map out a plan for getting there
  • Free yourself of age-related fears, self-limiting/shame-based beliefs, biases, and insecurities
  • Clear the path for newfound courage, emotional freedom, joy, humility, and peace
  • Harvest the opportunities that are available in your relationships as you’ve gotten older
  • Take concrete, actionable steps put your psycho-spiritual “house” in order
  • Summon strength to make peace with life’s terms (mortality, loss, change, and gratitude)
  • Explore and experience the love that never dies and how life does go on

To register for this workshop, call 858.863.7825 and send a check for $125 to Druck Enterprises Inc., PO Box 1117, Del Mar, CA 92014. Enrollment is limited to the first 18 people to sign up.

Ken Druck is an expert on courageous living and how to become the better, healthier, stronger, more spiritually-evolved, resilient, and courageous version of ourselves. To find out more, go to kendruck.com.

John E. Welshons is a master teacher of mindfulness, meditation, psycho-spiritual awakening, and joyfulness. To find out more, go to onesoulonelove.com.

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