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Cheers 2019, “007th”

Cheers 2019, “007th”

Cheers 2019, “007th”

October 25, 2019 | La Jolla Country Club

Join the National CHEERS Foundation for an evening of intellectual intrigue and undercover surprises including a seated dinner with international wine pairings, hosted full bar, auction indulgences, live music and dancing to NRG Music and Productions, casino-style gaming, and complimentary valet parking. Founded in La Jolla in 2012, the National CHEERS Foundation’s mission is to generate funds to eradicate disease and help women of all generations live in vitality, free from the five primary health threats: heart disease, mental illness, cancer, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases. 858.361.2551, nationalcheersfoundation.org 

Cheers 2019, “007th”
AnneMarie Irwin, Nancy Borrelli, Mimi Swenson, Kristi Pieper, Anseth Richards, Gina Hixson, Larissa Tabin, and Kate Woods


Photo courtesy of Avalon Page Photography


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